Here's ParaskiFlex's difference

Paraski Flex’s kites are the easiest and safest traction kites in the world. With its unique and patented direction bar system, learning the sport is now child’s play and accessible to all. Our network of schools established accross Canada, offers the opportunity of trying our products while following an initiation to ParaskiFlex training session.

All of our products are created, tested, and manufactured here in Quebec at our Valleyfield facility.

The advantages of your ParaskiFlex’s kite.

  • You can assemble and dissassemble your kite in less than 3 minutes only.
  • Your patented unidirection direction bar is the easiest to use.
  • Thanks to its monoskin conception, the kite is the only of its kind that falls to the ground and immobilizes on the ground when dropped. No more looking for your lost kite for kilometres around.
  • Your ParaskiFlex kite is equipped with a sail opening adjustment system, which allows it to face more wind conditions. (Half-storm as well as full storm mode for the F series)
  • The panic carabiner that attaches you to the kite is the simplest and safest attachment system of the industry.
  • The ropes and bridle of the kite are constructed of materials extremely resistant with a simple assembly. They are very easy to untangle.
  • Once again unique to ParaskiFlex, your kite is less than 6 metres of you, which renders the controlling easier and more direct.
  • What you do not require with ParaskiFlex :
    • Ice screws or bindings to keep your kite on the ground.
    • Another person to help you get started or stopped.
    • Long minutes to inflate your kite.
    • Tens of hours to learn about your kite.