Accessible to all!

F Series


F 5-30

Greatest wing span of the F series, for minimum wind conditions and for those weighing a bit more. This kite is ideal for places where the winds are light, such as small lakes.

3 voiles au solel

F 10-60

The most popular and most versatile kite. This kite is designed for
conditions most frequently encountered in winter. Your best choice for a first purchase.


F 30-70

A small kite for high winds. The fastest kite in the F Series.

Junior bleu


ParaskiFlex F Series Kites, designed for younger people and lighter weights. Designed here in Quebec, easiest to use and learn, with its patented steering bar, it is built to sail in winds between 15 and 25 km / h maximum, it is equipped with three-modes (plain-size, semi-storm and storm) to cope with different types of winds.

- The kite is ideal for people in weighing between 22 kg and 55 kg (50 and 120 lbs).

The F series is the most popular Paraskiflex series. Designed for all types of athletes, from the most active athletes to the casual. With Paraski F Series, winter sports are now accessible to all. This easy to handle kite is ideal for walking in winter in the fields as on frozen lakes.

Unique in the world

Each model comes with a steering bar and a unidirectional convenient storage bag. In addition, all models of F-series have three modes that allow a snap to reduce their power according to the prevailing winds.

Designed and manufactured in Quebec, ParaskiFlex is entirely built of superior materials, the kites are made of ripstop for durability polyerster foolproof.