ParaskiFlex F Series Kites, designed for younger people and lighter weights. Designed here in Quebec, easiest to use and learn, with its patented steering bar, it is built to sail in winds between 15 and 25 km / h maximum, it is equipped with three-modes (plain-size, semi-storm and storm) to cope with different types of winds. - The kite is ideal for people in weighing between 22 kg and 55 kg (50 and 120 lbs).


Wind Range 15 to 25 km / h
Real surface 5.44 m / 2
Distance from the bar 4.70 m
Modes of Use Full Size, semi-storm, storm
Rods carbone 4.6mm
Users People light weight from 22 kg to 55 kg (50 to 120 lbs), beginners and experts alike.
Surfaces of Use Snow, ice and land

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