R Force Series

R-Force 60

R Force 60

The smallest of the R Forces Series, is designed to perform medium to strong winds. This is powerful and fast kite, stability and maneuverability makes it pleasant to handle.

R Force 40

Intermediate level R Force Series kite. Is designed to perform in the average winds. With its power this kite is ideal for flight or for those with more weight.

R-series kites are from the second generation with a ratio of 3 to 1. They are designed for intermediate users who want more power. These are Paraskiflex high power conditions for summer and winter.

Unique in the world

Each model comes with a steering bar and a unidirectional convenient storage bag. In addition, all models in the series R Force have two methods that allow a snap to reduce their power according to the prevailing winds. They come with a strap adjustment front to adjust the leading edge of the kite while navigating.

Made in Quebec, Paraskiflex is entirely built of superior materials, the sails are made of ripstop for durability polyerster foolproof, all the seams of our kites are guaranteed to live. (See warranty for details ParaskiFlex)